Saturday, May 19, 2012

Wayne Magazine - May issue

NJ Rockers enjoyed a professional photo shoot at the end of practice one afternoon and was featured in Wayne Magazine. Team members and staff that either work or reside in Wayne became instant celebrities.

New Jersey Rockers team members include (kneeling) Nate Berman, Sarah Sorce, Tyler Abdi and Jesse Grupper: (second row) Sam Kim, Jane Fallon, Michel Pisciotta, Benji Frank, Anne Kavalerchik, Eleanor Wright, Gratia Sullivan, Michael Sorce, Assistant Coach Georgia Peirce and Assistant Coach Anthony Felicetta; (third row) Manager Barbara Lawrence, Head Coach Andy Im, Assistant Coach Mark Shaker and Lee Golish.

Welcome new team members: Joey Marchesini and Julia Geiger!!

Friday, May 18, 2012

2011-2012 Bouldering Nationals

Colorado Springs, CO, On February 24-25, 2012, Three members of the New Jersey Rock Gym climbing team competed at the 2011-2012 ABS (American Bouldering Series) at Colorado Springs City Auditorium with much success.

Sam Kim, Jesse Grupper and Anne Kavalerchik competed against the best youth climbers from around the country. After 2 days of intense competition, Sam Kim earned a spot on the USA National Bouldering Team. The New Jersey Climbing team finished 24 of 70 teams in attendance.

Detailed results include:
Anne Kavalerchik, Fair Lawn, NJ, 15th place Female Juniors
Jesse Grupper, Montclair, NJ, 14th place Male Youth B
Sam Kim, Livingston, NJ, 6th place Male Youth B, Member USA National Bouldering Team

2011-2012 Bouldering Divisionals

Upper Saddle River, NJ. On January 14-15, 2012, eight team members of the New Jersey Rock Gym competed at Divisionals at The Gravity Vault. Representing the NJ Rock Gym were: Jane Fallon, Sara Sorce, Jesse Grupper, Sam Kim, Matthew Kokoshka, Michael Sorce, Gratia Sullivan and Anne Kavalerchik. Anne, Sam and Jesse earned invitations to climb at Nationals taking place the following month.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

2011 NJ Rockers Team Lineup

Alex Rosen - Youth A
Anne Kavarchik - Junior
Benji Frank - Youth B
Eleanor Wright - Junior
Gratia Sullivan - Youth B
Jane Fallon - Youth B
Jesse Grupper - Youth B
Lee Golish - Youth B
Matt Kokoshka - Youth B
Michael Pisciotta - Youth C
Michael Sorce - Youth B
Nate Berman - Youth B
Sam Kim - Youth B
Sara Sorce - Youth D
Tyler Abdi - Junior

Head Coach: Andy Im,
Assistant Coaches: Mark Shaker, Georgia Pierce, Anthony Felicetta

Sunday, September 18, 2011

2011 ABS Boulder Comp Schedule

Here is the list of comps that NJ Rock Gym coaches will attend. For the ABS and SCS seasons, competitors need to compete in a minimum of two USAC sanctioned local competitions, anywhere in the country as a USAC Member, in order to be eligible to complete in the New England West Regional's and advance to Divisional's.

10/1     Gravity Vault, Chatham, NJ   
            Local comp
            Registration opens 9:00 am, Competitors meeting 9:45 am
            Climb time: 10:00 am - 2:00 pm
            Registration Form and Details

10/29   Philadelphia Rock Gym, Oaks, PA
            Local comp morning/midnight burn

11/5     New Jersey Rock Gym, Fairfield, NJ         
            Local comp

12/10   Gravity Vault, Chatham, NJ               
            Regional's, New England West

1/14-15/2012  Gravity Vault, Upper Saddle River, NJ         
           Divisional's, Division 5

Full list of all USA Climbing ABS Comps if you would like to attend on your own.

2011 SCS Nationals Results

Left to right, Maddy Grupper, Anne Kavalerchik, Eleanor Wright,
veteran member Jamie Torcicollo and Sam Kim.
Background, Andy Im, Head Coach

Atlanta, GA- On July 7-10, 2011, Seven members of the New Jersey Rock Gym climbing team competed at the 2011 SCS (Sport Climbing Series) National Climbing Competition at Stone Summit, Atlanta, Georgia with stellar results.
Sam Kim in background, racing his way to first place.

Sam Kim, Andrew Kim, Jesse Grupper, Maddy Grupper, Eleanor Wright, Anne Kavalerchik and Gratia Sullivan - all climbing team members from the New Jersey Rock Gym climbing facility competed against 422 of the best youth climbers from around the nation. After four days of intense competition and elimination, brothers Sam and Andrew Kim, of Livingston, NJ earned spots on the USA Climbing Team. In order to make Team USA, a climber must rank in the Top 4 of his and her category at the end of the season. Andrew Kim, age 18, qualified fourth for USA in Difficulty Sport Climbing. Sam Kim, age 13, qualified first in Speed Climbing.

Additional results included:
Jesse Grupper, age 14, Montclair, NJ finished 11th in difficulty and 17th in speed.
Maddy Grupper, age 18, Montclair, NJ finished 11th in difficulty and 10th in speed.
Eleanor Wright, age 16, Glen Ridge, NJ finished 10th in difficulty and 13th in speed.
Anne Kavalerchik, age 16, Fair Lawn, NJ finished 12th in difficulty and 25th in speed.
Gratia Sullivan, age 13, Glen Ridge, NJ finished 31st in speed.
The New Jersey Rock Gym Team (NJ Rockers) placed 12th out of 71 teams in attendance!
Andrew Kim earning his way to Worlds!

The top finishers in the country age 14 and older received invitations to the Junior World Championship taking place in Austria in late August. Andrew Kim is now preparing to climb for a World Championship!